Installations / Dismantles

Improperly installed racking can mean a poor use of your rack system, but it may also put your staff at risk during use.  Avoid accidental racking collapses and injuries by having the pallet rack set up by trained installers.

Calgary Warehouse Equipment Ltd. crew has years of experience installing all types of pallet rack systems. Our installation crew is experienced, insured, professional, courteous, efficient, clean, and safety minded. Safety is the number one concern for all involved so hard hats, steel-toed boots, and proper equipment are absolute musts.

We recommend Pallet rack installation by trained personnel who are experienced with proper rack assembly procedures. If you are not familiar with rack assembly, you should contact our office for instructions to ensure a safe installation.

We also perform:

  • Rack Layout Changes and Repairs
  • Disassemble, move and Reinstall current racking systems
  • Racking Inspections

A rack installation manual is a helpful resource to have, however, one should understand its limitations. For example, installation instructions should never be used without an accompanying drawing depicting plan layout, elevations, details, and notes which may contain more detailed information. The manufacturer does not condone the installation of rack systems by personnel without adequate experience, training or knowledge in rack assembly nor does it take responsibility for their rack’s structural integrity when installation services are provided by a third-party or by the users themselves. Final certification of a rack storage systems is dependent on both its proper design and installation.

Rack Layout / Design

Calgary Warehouse Equipment Ltd. will supply you a layout and design engineering services. Our staff will offer cost-effective racking warehouse solutions for your specific requirements, whether it is Selective Rack, Drive-in/Drive-Through Rack, Push Back Rack, Cantilever Rack or Carton Flow Rack.

To comply with all permit requirements our manufacturer’s in-house certified engineers are able to certify your rack system to comply with all permit requirements.

With our customer’s help, we can design a rack storage system that will meet with your needs for ease of access, operational flexibility, future changeability, and rack safety features. We also like to keep on going and future costs as low as possible and increase the service life of your racking.

Pallet Rack Inspections

Do you know if the racking system in your warehouse is safe? Does your rack system meet current code? Are you ignoring rack damage? Do you cover damaged frames with column protectors? Has your maintenance crew been welding steel plates over damaged column sections?

The best way to reduce your legal risks and keep both your warehouse and employees safe is to have an inspection. Keep your employees from getting hurt or potentially killed with damaged rack, which could cause your rack to collapse.

Rack Building Permits

The Municipal permit process is in place to ensure that the Building and Fire Codes are adhered to in regards to design, engineering, and installation. of the racking system. In jurisdictions where a permit is not required, the business owner is still ultimately responsible to ensure that the building and structures within meet code.

Calgary Warehouse Equipment recommends our customers obtain permits for pallet racking projects which exceed 12’ in height (includes product). Not having the permits and signed drawings completed and signed by an engineer of record could result in customers redesigning their racking system to meet current code.

Requirements vary across provinces and municipalities so it is wise to engage the local offices early to ensure that all the data required is on your list to be gathered prior to applying for a permit for the installation of a storage system

Apply for a rack permit together with the building addition or new facility. Drawings stamped by an authorized registered Professional Engineer plus Letters of Assurance and Permit Schedules will be part of your submission to the Municipality. Following the installation of the rack CWE will arrange the final site walk-through. The Municipality will do the final inspection. The following is a list of items considered by the Municipalities:

Site Plan

Egress Route

Fire Code


Permit Slab Certification

Your permit may take from a few weeks to months depending on all the required additional information for your building department to process….so apply early in the process.